2 Side Panels

82”wide x 63” high

1 Center Valance

60”wide x 22” high

Total price


These Wonderfully unique curtains are all available in cream, taupe, sage, rose, French vanilla, and lavender.


Fringed Colored Curtains Beautiful Three-piece Set Pulled-Up Curtain


Valance /

Mantle Scarf

60 x 22”




60 x 84”


Available in ecru or sliver sage.


Tiny stemmed roses and leaves meander through the fullness of this 56x64” pull up curtain. Matching dyed ribbons allow the curtain to be “pulled” to desired length. Small free-hanging roses at the bottom add that special touch to the hem.


Weaving stems of embroidered roses share the same hand-dyed color of the curtain. The five-inch fringe invites the admiration of those who like the appeal of “unique.”  More valances can be added for wider windows.

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