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This wall hanging is a perfect gift for a wedding or a new home with the couple’s last name embroidered over the lace doorway.  

12x27”  Ecru

We're all looking for the "perfect gift". These unique wall hangings, that can also be personalized, might just fit the bill for some of you. Bless This Home With Tulip Beds



A unique gift for birthdays or showers because personal pictures can be inserted and even embroidered to fit the occasion.  

8x31”  Ecru

Picture Perfect 2


Cardinal Welcome


Doesn't this big guy with his rack full of holly just say "Merry Christmas"?

12x21””  White

Christmas Deer


Everyone loves cardinals. Wouldn’t this 8x32” inch wall hanging look beautiful on your or your friend’s door for the holiday season?

8x32”  White